The Lives of Ordinary People in Ancient Israel...

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Author  William G. Dever
Publisher  Eerdmans
Publication Date   April 20, 2012
ISBN  0802867014
Pages  446

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The Lives of Ordinary People tells the untold story of how the vast majority of Israelites ― the people who are usually overlooked in "typical" histories of ancient Israel ― lived during the eighth century b.c.e. William G. Dever applies the latest archaeological evidence and his own considerable expertise to answer the question What was it really like to live in Israel's divided kingdom?

Writing as an archaeologist who is also a secular humanist, Dever relies primarily on archaeological data rather than the Hebrew Bible for his source material. He uncovers and analyzes rich archaeological troves that provide vital clues about how most people lived. Illustrated by photos, maps, charts, site plans, and specially commissioned drawings, Dever's work brings vividly to life a world too long buried beneath dusty texts and stony landscapes.

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