Qumran Studies


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Publisher  Eerdmans
Publication Date   August 28, 2007
ISBN  080286080X
Pages  336

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In Qumran Studies the texts considered are old -- but the questions are new, standard positions are revisited, and issues are reopened with fresh results.

The Dead Sea Scrolls have undeniably revolutionized scholarly understanding on a number of fronts. This revolution has been ongoing for over fifty years and shows no signs of letting up -- especially as full publication of the Scrolls is now complete. With that publication, the important work of interpretation and analysis can continue with a rethinking of earlier analyses in light of the full evidence. This volume makes a signal scholarly contribution toward that end.


Shane A. Berg
Carsten Claussen
Michael A. Daise
Michael Thomas Davis
C. D. Elledge
Loren L. Johns
John B. Faulkenberry Miller
Lidija Novakovic
Henry W. Morisada Rietz
Brent A. Strawn
Loren T. Stuckenbruck

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