New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity...

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Publisher  Eerdmans
Publication Date   November 29, 2012
ISBN  0802845207
Pages  279

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Each year many new Greek inscriptions and papyri are published. Others are supplemented or revised. For teachers and students of early Christianity and ancient Judaism such documents may be difficult of access and interpretation. But they offer fresh insight into the cultural setting of the literary sources. In every case the ancient text is reproduced here. A parallel English translation is provided by each contributor, along with full discussion.

From 1981 a first set of five volumes of New Docs was edited by G.H.R. Horsley, with special attention to word usage. Volume 10 completes a second set of five edited by S.R. Llewelyn, focussing on major social institutions of the time. A comprehensive series of indexes for vols 6-10 as a set opens up a cumulative perspective on many topics.

Notable entries in Volume 10 include:
  • Artemis triumphs over a sorcerer
  • How to celebrate Hadrian's accession
  • The customs law of Asia
  • Repairing the baths at Colossae
  • The Babatha archive and Roman law
  • The Temple warning against Gentiles

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