Scotland (Book published January 17, 2003)


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Author  Magnus Magnusson
Publisher  Grove Press
Publication Date   January 17, 2003
ISBN  0802139329
Pages  752

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The definitive history of Scotland, "told as a tale from its beginnings up to now" (The Observer).

Hailed as a “vast, superb history [that] relates Scotland’s past over a dozen millennia” (Kirkus Reviews), Magnusson draws on a great deal of modern scholarship to redefine a nation’s history. He charts the long struggle toward nationhood, explores the roots of the original Scots, and examines the extent to which Scotland was shaped by the Romans, the Picts, the Vikings, and the English. Encompassing everything from the first Mesolithic settlers in 7000 B.C. to the present movements for independence, Scotland: The Story of a Nation is history on an epic level, essential reading for anyone interested in the rich past of this captivating land.

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