Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture


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Publisher  Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication Date   March 23, 1999
ISBN  0801862477
Pages  416

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This latest volume of Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture ranges over countries and themes from Italian architecture as a reflection of culture to British exposés of prostitution and German guild culture as reflected in a surviving cabinet from that time. Contributors discuss print culture in Britain, women writing in America, female servants, celebratory verse and patriotism, property and law, and other topics. The volume touches on the works of, among others, Voltaire, Walpole, Burke, and Rousseau.

"In addition to their individual merit, these articles bespeak a subtle sea-change in the way that we have come to conceptualize public and private; or, to put it differently, the ways in which our professional discourse has subsumed those categories and proceeded on: here, public and private are not so much separate 'spheres' as complexly connected zones." -- Julie Candler Hayes

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