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Genres and Readers: Lucretius, Love Elegy, Pliny's Encyclopedia

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Author  Professor Gian Biagio Conte
Publisher  The Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication Date   November 1, 1993
ISBN  080184679X
Pages  216

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In this translated work, Italy's leading Latinist brings together five of his most stimulating essays on the convergence of poetics and philosophy in Latin literature. Writing on Lucretius's "De Rerum Natura", Conte shows how reader-response criticism, genre theory, and literary story work together to illuminate a great poem. His study of Ovid's "Remedia Amoris" broadens the definition of Ovidian irony to reveal the work both as the fullest culmination of the playful rhetoric of elegy and its inevitable end. In an essay on the Encyclopedia of Pliny the Elder, Conte offers a wide-ranging examination of the Roman mind and Roman views of the world order. And in two final essays Conte addresses central issues in contemporary literary theory.

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