Greek and Roman Slavery


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Author  Professor Thomas E.J. Wiedemann
Publisher  The Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication Date   February 1, 1981
ISBN  0801825156
Pages  302

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Interest in ancient slavery has grown steadily in recent decades: partly in response to the Marxist interpretation of slavery as one of the characteristic types of economic system, partly as a comparison and contrast to New World slavery and the preconceptions associated with it.

Greek and Roman Slavery, first published in 1981, provides readers interested in ancient slavery with a selection of major texts from Greek and Latin literature to which modern scholarship constantly refers, translated into accessible contemporary English, as well as some epigraphical and other non-literary material. Intended as a supplement and not a substitute for a systematic treatment of the subject, each extract is preceded by an introduction, indicating its significance and offering modest historical interpretation.

There is no better collection of relevant ancient sources, in a form suitable for students or specialists who are unfamiliar with the classical languages, than Wiedemann’s Greek and Roman Slavery.

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