The Trojan War in Ancient Art

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Author  Susan Woodford
Publisher  Cornell University Press
Publication Date   September 23, 1993
ISBN  0801481643
Pages  128

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The legendary characters of the Trojan War, Susan Woodford reminds us, captured the imaginations not only of Homer, the Attic tragedians, Aeschylus, Virgil, Ovid, and many other writers, but of countless Greek and Roman visual artists as well.

A vibrant retelling of the Trojan myths, this handsomely illustrated book brings to life for today's readers both visual and literary traditions. Woodford is an engaging guide, as concerned with nuances of human experience as she is with aesthetic detail….As unforgettable images in story and picture reflect back on one another, Woodford offers us a new appreciation of the range of the emotional and sensuous expression―and also of the humor―of classical culture.

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