Giving Goliath His Due


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Author  Neal Bierling
Publisher  Baker Pub Group
Publication Date   April 1, 1992
ISBN  0801010187
Pages  281

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Biography Neal Bierling is an immigrant to the United States from the Netherlands who grew up in Holland, Michigan. He began his Middle Eastern Archaeological digging adventures in 1972, and has since then worked in twelve countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Besides supervising at excavations, he and his son, Joel, have done photography at archaeological sites and started a company, Phoenix Data Systems in 1995. Together, with his son, Neal has produced three videos, five CD-ROMs, and two Virtual Tours (Petra and Qumran, the Dead Sea Scrolls)relating to the Middle East and Archaeology. Their pictures have been used in dozens of scholarly works published by various publishing companies such as Zondervan and Eerdmans. Neal has written in part or the whole six books relating to Middle Eastern Archaeology.

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