Atlas of Archaeology


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Author  Mick Aston
Publisher  DK ADULT
Publication Date   September 15, 1998
ISBN  0789431890
Pages  208

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Unearth and explore the fascinating worlds of our ancestors from the earliest human to the Industrial Age.

From the discovery of a Bronze Age ritual monument to the reconstruction of a classic Roman villa and the piecing together of a New World settlement, this highly illustrated atlas is a compelling guide to both recent and historic archaeological sites around the world. Mick Aston and Tim Taylor inspire us with their enthusiasm for archaeology to look at the evidence of the past all around us. Unearthing a range of sites from early cities to medieval castles and Industrial Age factories, they reveal the activities that took place and make detailed identifications of key objects found there. The Atlas of Archaeology is sumptuously illustrated with photographs of the artifacts found at each site, followed by a detailed full-color drawing of the site as it would have appeared originally. Photographs of archaeologists at work and explanations of their techniques provide the technical information that is the basis of all archaeological digs. Fourteen full-color maps show more than 1,200 sites around the world, and accompanying profiles give the location of each, the date of discovery, and the key finds. Lavishly illustrated and expertly researched, this fascinating guide to the world of archaeology will encourage all those interested in the past to take a completely fresh and informed look at their surroundings.

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