The Ancient Egypt Pop-Up


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Author  James Putnam
Publisher  Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books
Publication Date   September 15, 2009
ISBN  0789320401

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A clever and engaging pop-up book. Did you know that the process of mummification took seventy days, or that the ancient Egyptians practiced the earliest known form of dentistry? Ancient Egypt is a gift pop-up book featuring facts like this and more about the history of Egypt. A wonderfully interactive, engaging, and informative text complements the creative pop-ups, showcasing various ancient Egyptian cultural innovations and making it fun for children and adults alike. Readers can learn about the elaborate embalming and mummification process, explore the inside of an Egyptian pyramid replicated in pop-up, discover the mysterious ancient rites of an Egyptian god's temple, and translate code-like hieroglyphic symbols. Colorful, informative, and fun, Ancient Egypt is a wonderfully fascinating book for people of all ages.

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