China Revealed (Book published June 1, 2007)


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Publisher  Abbeville Press
Publication Date   June 1, 2007
ISBN  0789209470
Pages  373

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As travelers are making plans to visit the Summer Olympics in Beijing and tour China, this volume portrays China's must-see places as well as regions visitors rarely discover. Internationally acclaimed photographer Basil Pao set out on an expedition through all of China's provinces to capture the spirit and rare beauty of his rapidly changing native land/ this rapidly changing nation.
In his travels Basil Pao photographed cities, villages, landscapes, people, and places to give a comprehensive view of China today. This spectacular photo journey highlights China's dramatic landscape, including such incredible structures as the Great Wall, natural treasures as the Khunjarab Pass, and a monumental sculpture of the world's largest Buddha, carved into a mountain at the confluence of three rivers.
Among his striking images of people are children contorting and balancing themselves into an acrobatic pyramid; a uniformed guard patrolling terracotta warriors unearthed from Emperor Qin's massive grave; and a panda-keeper embracing a cub at a breeding center that allows visitors to observe pandas close-up. The text based on Pao's firsthand observations is both personal and informative, a travel guide revealing China in the twenty-first century.

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