Imperial Exits


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Author  Julius Cicatrix
Publisher  Diane Pub Co
Publication Date   March 1, 1995
ISBN  0788192817
Pages  114

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The Roman Empire exacted a dreadful price for ruling over the glory that was Rome -- a hideously violent death. This is a viciously vile realization of the untimely ends of some of the great names of imperial Rome, through the witty words of Cicatrix (the pseudonym of a classical scholar) & the scatological sketches of Rowson. Here, for example, are Hadrian (copious bleeding from the nose), Augustus (ate a fig, lovingly poisoned by his wife Livia), Tiberius (stifled by a pillow), & Titus (thoughtfully packed in ice to bring down a fever; he froze to death.) A hilariously horrid history lesson & a must for classical scholars, antiquarians, & lovers of true crime.

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