Ancient Civilizations Reference Library

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Author  Judson Knight
Publisher  UXL
Publication Date   November 12, 1999
ISBN  078763980X
Pages  4

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The ancient civilizations of Iraq, Egypt, India, China, Central America and other regions are the focus of this remarkable contribution to student reference. This convenient 3-vol. set compiles wide-ranging essays, biographies, definitions, timeline entries, bibliographies and much more for students looking for background information for reports or independent study. Each of the two titles in the reference library include maps, sidebars and statistics. Other helpful reference sections include "Words to Know" sections, ideas for further reading, report ideas, a general index and a bibliography.

"Ancient Civilizations: Almanac" offers background essays, definitions and intrepretation of events, places, topics and era important to each of the featured civilizations. Includes approximately 120 black and white photos and illustrations. A few of the ancient civilizations covered include: Anasazi Assyrian Babylonian Celtic Chinese Egyptian Etruscan Greek Hebrew

"Ancient Civilizations: Biographies" unfolds the lives and deeds of approximately 30 individuals from ancient times -- some of whom are well-known, and others whose achievements survive the centuries but often have been neglected by other sources. Biographies of up to 2,400 words assure that students will have the overview and detail they need for report writing and oral presentations.

For table of contents, sample pages or other volume specific information see the entry for the "Almanac" or" Biographies."

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