The Crusades - A History of Armed Pilgrimage...


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Author  Geoffrey Hindley
Publisher  Running Press
Publication Date   January 22, 2003
ISBN  0786711051
Pages  320

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This is a fascinating new chronicle of the Holy Wars that lasted 300 years and shaped both Europe and the globe. The word "crusade" had not yet been invented when the European Christians captured Jerusalem in 1099 or when Richard the Lionhearted faced Saladin. In this absorbing and informative new book, medieval scholar Geoffrey Hindley recounts the colorful history behind the word that for more than five centuries has periodically perturbed European history, troubled Christian consciences, and embittered Muslim attitudes toward the West. Hindley’s penetrating study helps to answer the questions about how the Crusades have helped shape Europe, the modern world, and relations between Christian and Muslim countries to this day. Why did the medieval Church bless Duke William of Normandy’s invasion of Christian England in 1066, or authorize cultural genocide in Provence? How could a Western Christian army sack Christian Constantinople in 1204? Why did thousands of ordinary men, and women too, led by knights and ladies, kings and queens, embark on campaigns of fanatical conquest in the world of Islam? A Brief History of the Crusades offers a lively record of events, from the Middle East and Muslim Spain to the pagan Baltic when "Crusaders" reclaimed or extended Europe’s frontiers, and fascinating portraits of the major personalities who took part, from Godfrey of Bouillon, the first Latin ruler of Jerusalem, to Etienne, the visionary French peasant boy who inspired the tragic "Children’s Crusade." Many people saw the Crusades as pilgrimages to unknown exotic lands, many believed they were doing the will of God, many were there for the plunder, but all participated in a fascinating period in history that continues to resonate in the modern world.

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