Gateway to Atlantis


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Author  Andrew Collins
Publisher  Basic Books
Publication Date   November 7, 2000
ISBN  0786708107
Pages  448

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A historian's investigation that may have solved one of humankind's greatest and most enduring mysteries: the location of the "Lost City" of Atlantis. More than 2,350 years ago Plato wrote of the fabulous island empire of Atlantis, which ruled the ocean as well as parts of the "opposite continent" - what we know today as the Americas - until the single "terrible day and night" that destroyed it in a storm of earthquakes and floods. For two millennia the fate of Atlantis has fascinated historians, philosophers, and explorers who have debated its reality and searched in vain for a kingdom shrouded in myth and legend. And now, after years of travel and research, Andrew Collins has gathered convincing evidence that may establish not only that Atlantis did indeed exist but also that remnants of it survive today. Collins's journey into the past follows the clues left by Plato, and they take him far beyond Crete and the Mediterranean, where scholars in recent times have located Atlantis. So do mummies in Egypt, Roman wreckage in the West Atlantic, the African features of great stone heads in Mexico, and the explosion of a comet 10,500 years ago. Collins's final destination will shock the experts and amaze all readers. "Acclaimed historian provides for the first time a clear argument for the civilization's existence and a pointer to its location." - The Express; "Probably the most substantial and well researched book on Atlantis since Ignatius Donnelly." - Colin Wilson, Daily Mail.

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