How the Barbarian Invasions Shaped the... (Book published July


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Author  Thomas J. Craughwell
Publisher  Book Sales
Publication Date   July 31, 2018
ISBN  0785836535
Pages  320

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How the Barbarian Invasions Shaped the Modern World is a richly detailed chronicle that brings to life the personalities of Attila the Hun, Alaric the Goth, Genghis Khan, and many other barbarian kings and chieftains whose rampages across Europe, Asia, and North Africa changed the course of history.

In this highly readable and authoritative book, author Thomas J. Craughwell draws upon the latest historical and archaeological research to reveal the impact of the barbarian invasions on the modern world, including the establishment of the English language, the foundation of world capitals such as Dublin, and the introduction of gunpowder to Europe. The book is Illustrated with more than 100 archival images gathered from around the world. The text is written in a narrative fashion, with anecdotes and vignettes to engage the reader's imagination. 

Any history buff's collection is incomplete without this survey of the most barbaric tribes in history.

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