Olympiodorus of Thebes and the Sack of Rome...

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Author  Christopher Chaffin
Publisher  Edwin Mellen Pr
Publication Date   September 1, 1993
ISBN  0773493212
Pages  392

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This edition brings together all that can be recovered of the "Histories" of Olympiodorus of Thebes (circa 370-430). Olympiodorus's account of the sack of Rome is considered by far the best: it included an extended analysis of the political and military blunders which led up to it, and the slow recovery which followed. His independent political judgment, realistic attitude to the barbarians, concern for precision in dating and technical terminology, and flair for anecdotal writing make him one of the most original historical writers of his age. This work presents a new reconstruction and translation, along with historical and critical introduction and commentary. To this are added extracts from other contemporary sources on the sack (Augustine, Jerome, Orosius), select inscriptions, and a glossary of technical terms.

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