A Chronicle of the Kings of the Visigoths...

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Author  Malcolm Drew Donalson
Publisher  Edwin Mellen Pr
Publication Date   October 15, 2014
ISBN  0773435336
Pages  124

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A crucial and historically indispensable "who's who" of Visigothic monarchs, this book will provide students, teachers, and researchers alike with essential references and important insights into the culture and history of the Visigoths with concise biographical entries that fill the gap in previous contributions on the subject. The present volume will meet the needs of many who otherwise might remain without a sure compass in working through a veritable labyrinth of personalities in the milieu of late Roman and early medieval Spain. Kings like the first true king of the Visigoths, Alaric - infamous for the August, 410, sack of the Eternal City. It offers direction for students, teachers, and scholars. It provides a basic reference for the veteran researcher otherwise occupied by unique aspects of the period, such as the ecclesiastical councils, the "ethnogenesis" of the Visigoths, or Visigothic contributions to the art and architecture of medieval Spain. It will reveal the inestimable importance of individual personalities, both those of the featured kings and those of their adversaries and their associates, to the precise outcomes for the Visigoths and the other peoples of Spain.

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