The New Complete Code of Hammurabi

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Author  H.-Dieter Viel
Publisher  UPA
Publication Date   December 8, 2011
ISBN  0761856560
Pages  794

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Hammurabi, a Babylonian king from 18th century B.C., is widely admired and respected, but not because of a giant wall or tower that reaches toward the sky. Instead, Hammurabi's fame is due to an approximately eight-foot-tall stela made out of black diorite. This monumental stela was excavated in the acropolis of Susa from 1901-1902. It contains the world's first written set of laws on a large and complex scale. The Hammurabi Codex represents the largest coherent monument to ancient Babylonian literature and is thus an excellent reflection of the ancient Babylonian language. While several translations, transcriptions, and handwritten illustrations of the Codex already exist, anyone attempting to deal with the theme in all its aspects will find it necessary to leaf through several books, which is not only a confusing exercise but also expensive. This work has been produced in the interest of students. The New Complete Code of Hammurabi presents the Codex not only in ancient Babylonian, but also in Neo-Assyrian. All of the signs from the original Codex are shown, with their meanings provided in list form. Viel also provides an English translation of the entire Codex. This much-needed text sheds new light upon the Code of Hammurabi, making it accessible to all.

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