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Author  Anthony M. Tung
Publisher  Workman Publishing Company
Publication Date   November 29, 2007
ISBN  0761143556
Pages  50

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The Alhambra. Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock. The Taj Mahal, which bankrupted an empire in the name of love, and the Eiffel Tower, the first structure to surpass the height of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Through monuments we learn about history, culture, the rise and fall of civilizations—for example, that to create the giant stone figures of Easter Island, up to 20,000 natives must have lived there before denuding the island’s rain forests and disappearing. Or that the bridges and canals of historic Amsterdam actually connect ninety man-made islands, making the city of merchants one giant dock and warehouse.

A subject perfectly attuned to the strengths of Fandex—its family-friendly format, die-cuts and illustrations, and lively educational essay-per-entry—The Wonders of the World is an essential introduction to our most magnificent buildings and monuments. From Egyptian pyramids to the International Space Station (the only man-made wonder not on earth), it covers 4,500 years of world history.

The authorship is impeccable—Anthony M. Tung is "a walking encyclopedia of the history, principles, and practices of urban preservation . . . a genius in [his] field," writes Tom Wolfe. The reach covers the whole world. And the information is fascinating: Did you know that the bronze for the dazzling Renaissance altar canopy of St. Peter's was stripped from the ancient Roman Pantheon? Or that the Himeji Castle in Japan was built to deceive, as a mile-square labyrinth of mazes, false floors, and spiraling alleys?

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