Battles of the Ancient World 1285 BC -...


Battles of the Ancient World 1285 BC - AD 451: From Kadesh to Catalaunian Field

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Author  Kelly Devries
Publisher  Barnes & Noble
Publication Date   February 19, 2019
ISBN  0760786682
Pages  224

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Battles of the Ancient World introduces 20 key battles from Europe and the Middle East in a 2000-year period defined by the great empires of the Ancient world: the Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Greek city states, Macedonians, Romans, and Carthaginians. Beginning with the battle of Kadesh (1285 BC), where Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II outmaneuvered the Hittites' massed chariot formations, and finishing with the battle of Catalaunian Field (AD 451), where a combined force of Romans and Visigoths defeated Atilla's Hunnic army in a very bloody battle, the book features examples of every type of Ancient warfare. Battles of the Ancient World includes the devastatingly-effective use of the Greek-style phalanx at Marathon (490 BC), Gaugamela (331 BC), and Hydaspes (326 BC); great cavalry battles, such as Hannibal's destruction of the Romans at Cannae (216 BC) and the Parthian victory at Carrhae (53 BC); and the decisive sea battles of Salamis (480 BC) and Actium (31 BC). Lively accounts of other famous battles, such as Alesia (52 BC), where Julius Caesar destroyed the Gaulish Army and subjugated Gaul, and Teutoberger Wald (AD 9), where Germanic tribes slaughtered three powerful Roman legions almost to the last man, are described in vivid detail. Each battle includes an introduction to place it in context, a concise account of the action, and an analysis of the aftermath. A specially-commissioned color map illustrating the disposition and movement of forces brings the subject to life and helps the reader to grasp-at a glance-the development of the battle. With more that 200 color and black-and-white maps, artworks, and photographs illustrating the battles, leading figures, and tactics of the period, Battles of the Ancient World provides a useful and accessible introduction to some key battles of the Ancient era. Designed for both the general reader and enthusiast, the book is an essential companion for anyone interested in the history of Ancient warfare.

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