Ancient China


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Author  Maurizio Scarpari
Publisher  Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Publication Date   September 21, 2017
ISBN  0760722064
Pages  291


Ancient China, the cradle of a great civilization whose influence spread throughout South-East Asia and whose splendor and complexity were recounted by a tradition thousands of years old, surprised archaeologists last century when immense treasures came to light intact, confirming historical accounts and encouraging further research which is sure to bear fruit. This Fascinating and accessible text by Maurizio Scarpari, accompanied by over 400 illustrations and photographs, places those finds in context, recounting the amazing history of the civilization and culture of ancient China form the Neolithic Age through the Bronze Age to the period of the Empire, which began with the short-lived Qin dynasty and reached the height of its glory under the Han, and later the Tang dynasties. In addition to the dynastic histories, various aspects of everyday life and social organization, from religious beliefs to politics, from ethics to entertainment, from family to war, are analyzed and explained. And then the amazing artifacts themselves are discussed, those treasures made of jade and precious metals, the pottery, lacquerware, paintings and jewelry. The reader will be taken on a tour of some of the most important archaeological sites, from the magnificent tombs of the nobility laden with golden shrouds and musical instruments, to the imposing Mausoleum of the First Emperor, with its famous terracotta army.

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