The Celts of Iron Age Europe. Olivier Buchsenschutz...


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Author  Olivier Buchsenschutz
Publisher  History Publishing Group
Publication Date   April 1, 2011
ISBN  0752456555
Pages  224

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Otherwise known as the world of Asterix, this fierce society existed in Europe many centuries ago. This book looks at how it came into existence, at its heroes and princes, how it expanded, resisting the force of the Roman Empire and how it eventually merged with its Mediterranean invaders. Themes such as agriculture, craftwork and industry are examined, as well as how the Celts saw themselves and the world around them, represented in their art and religion. Changes in society are discussed using evidence for feasts and ritual, tomb organisation and political and tribal territories. As fascinating societies on the threshold of the Roman Empire, the Celts are also examined in terms of how they have been seen through history and their significance for us today.

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