To Rule Britannia


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Author  John Waite
Publisher  Spellmount
Publication Date   December 1, 2011
ISBN  0752451499
Pages  192

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A new approach to the question of where the Roman landings actually took place and the tactics involved
In ad 43 the Romans landed an invasion force on the shores of Britain, heralding the beginning of recorded British history and laying the cultural foundations of their current national identity. Yet despite the crucial importance of this event, the actual location of the landings is still uncertain. Historians and archaeologists have debated and written much over the years with regard to this particular question, with Richborough in Kent and Chichester in Sussex most often proposed as favorites. Taking an alternative approach, this book places much greater emphasis on the practical problems the Romans faced in deciding on a landing site and offers fresh thinking on many key aspects. The result is the most comprehensive study to date of the invasions of Caesar and Claudius, presenting a straightforward and logical examination that can be readily appreciated by both the casual and specialist reader alike.

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