Age of the Picts

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Author  W. A. Cummins
Publisher  The History Press
Publication Date   July 1, 2009
ISBN  0752449591
Pages  192

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The Pictish nation, forged in the shadow of the Roman empire, was the dominant power in northern Britain for more than 500 years. Much has been written about the archaeology and culture of the Picts in recent years, but the historical problems have received less than their fair share of attention. Attempting to redress the balance, this book provides a fresh look at the whole Pictish story, placing it firmly in its true historical context and reassessing topics such as the legend of Drust son of Erp and St. Columba’s mission to the Picts. Unusual but useful comparisons with contemporary events in Wales and England are presented, as well as new and controversial interpretations of Sueno’s Stone and Pictish symbols, and a fresh explanation of how the Scots took over Pictland in the ninth century AD.

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