Cities of Roman Africa


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Author  Gareth Sears
Publisher  The History Press
Publication Date   May 1, 2011
ISBN  0752448439
Pages  176

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The evolution of the city and aspects of city life in one of Rome's richest provinces
The Roman province of Africa was one of richest in the Empire and as a result has some of the most spectacular remains. From the beginnings of Roman rule in the second century BC to the fall of the province of Africa to the Vandals in AD 439, this history examines the development of urban space and cultural life in this province. It considers the Romanization of an area with its own distinctive pre-Roman culture, resistance to Roman rule, and how these factors affected the evolution of the cities under the Republic and Empire. It also looks at the development of cultural life in these new Roman cities, with chapters on religion, entertainment, and intellectual life; and investigates the way in which aspects of Roman culture were used and adapted by the African populations and in particular their elites.

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