In Search of the Zeppelin War


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Author  Dr. Neil Faulkner
Publisher  The History Press
Publication Date   November 1, 2008
ISBN  0752441825
Pages  176

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This book comprises a full introduction to the history and archaeology of the first strategic bombing campaign in history—the Zeppelin raids over Britain in 1915–1918—based on pioneering new excavations and archive research. This is the story of the initial Blitz and the first Battle of Britain, featuring a full report on the first ever excavation of a Zeppelin crash site and also covering airfields, gun sites, searchlights, and radio listening posts. This illustrated book features contemporary accounts alongside the accounts and photographs from the excavations, including Hunstanton, Monkhams, Chingford and North Weald Basset, the Lea Valley, Potters Bar, and Theberton. Written in a collaboration between academic archaeologists and aviation enthusiasts/metal detectorists, this fascinating project is the subject of a BBC2 Timewatch documentary.

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