The Roman Conquest of Scotland


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Author  James E. Fraser
Publisher  Tempus
Publication Date   April 1, 2005
ISBN  0752433253
Pages  176

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In the summer of 84 AD the Italian gentleman Gnaeus Iulius Agricola, governor of Roman Britain, led an army of Roman legionary soldiers into northern Britain, known as Caledonia to the Romans. At a place called Mount Graupius, Agricola won a decisive victory over a large Caledonian host, and it appeared at the time that the Roman military conquest of Britain had finally been completed. Agricola had already begun thinking about a new challenge, but was recalled from Britain by the emperor, resulting in Rome's failure to assume control over northern Britain. James Fraser is the first historian to identify the true site of this legendary battle, and presents a totally new interpretation of why the Romans invaded Scotland.

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