DK Revealed


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Author  Peter Chrisp
Publisher  Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd
Publication Date   October 3, 2002
ISBN  0751341495
Pages  40


The "DK Revealed" series peels back the layers of its subjects by integrating striking images on acetate pages with textual details and information. This text takes you into the depths of Ancient Egypt, allowing you to uncover historical details such as what's behind Tutankhamen's mask, how temple rituals awoke the gods, the secret of the Valley of the Kings and why a merchant's ship hid a treasure trove. Discover the story of how the great pyramids were built and how the pharoahs were prepared for the afterlife. With information about life in Ancient Egypt, together with cross-sections and transparent layers, this book enables you to explore everything from gods and goddesses to hieroglyphs and hidden treasures.

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