Atlas of Archaeology


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Author  Michael Aston
Publisher  Dorling Kindersley
Publication Date   December 31, 1998
ISBN  0751303208
Pages  208

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Big, colourful, well-ordered Dorling Kindersley introduction to the world's archaeology. The book is broken down into chapters on Hunter-gatherers, the Neolithic, the Monumental Era, the first cities, the Iron Age, the Classical Age, the Dark Ages, the Medieval age, new settlements, the Industrial age, and archaeological techniques. Each chapter is lavishly illustrated using a box-style format, giving examples of sites, finds, industrial or building techniques and so on for each period. There is a second section containing maps indicating the most important sites. The book follows a tried and tested format, but its bold typeface, abundance of pictures, and at-a-glance dating and identification of objects or sites is a formula that children and adults alike will love.

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