The Lost Gold of Rome


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Author  Daniel Costa
Publisher  The History Press
Publication Date   February 1, 2007
ISBN  0750943971
Pages  256

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In AD 410, the Roman world suffered a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions when a foreign army led by the Visigoth king Alaric sacked Rome and carried off the city’s most valuable treasures. Alaric played a significant role in the dismemberment of the western Roman Empire, but he died before he could leave the Italian peninsula. His followers buried him in a secret tomb laden with the plunder of Rome that may have included the sacred Temple treasures of the Jews. This gripping account traces the life and death of Alaric and explores the modern quest to discover his grave, covering such noted treasure hunters as the Nazi Heinrich Himmler. Despite the fact that some believe in the likelihood that the grave has now finally been found, no excavation has taken place due to political machinations. This is a fascinating approach to the epic story of the cataclysmic fall of Rome and its widespread effect.

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