Book of the Sphinx

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Author  Willis Goth Regier
Publisher  Sutton Publishing Ltd
Publication Date   December 31, 2005
ISBN  0750938617
Pages  230

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Sphinxes can be found in many places other than Egypt; on stamps, postcards, in comics, as figurines, bookends, candle-holders, brooches and amulets, in fiction and romance, in paintings and on posters. This book explores the riddle that is the sphinx. Drifting from ancient to modern times, Willis Goth Regier explores the cultural history of the shinx from ancient Egypt, Greece and Babylon, to its adoption and adaptation into Judaism and Christian traditions, and into modern art and culture. Like a chameleon, the sphinx has been transformed into many things - an angelic being, prophet, protector and guardiam. a symbol of wisdom, terror, racial violence and capitalism - but, above all, it stands as a symbol of romance, mysteru, riddle and secrecy. This book examines why Hegel selected the sphinx as his ulitmate `symbol and symbols' and why it remains such a dangerous and elusive creature even today.

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