Ulysses Found


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Author  Ernle Bradford
Publisher  The History Press
Publication Date   February 25, 2005
ISBN  0750937254
Pages  256

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Ernle Bradford is a great historian of the Mediterranean and its peoples. He served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War with The Odyssey always at the foot of his bunk. Having settled in Malta after the war, he took his small yacht in search of his hero Ulysses. Starting at Troy, taking into account the winds that Ulysses would have encountered, he checked capes, islands, caves and harbours against Homer's description of Ulysses' landfall; all are described and identified. He provides convincing arguments for the locations of the Land of the Lotos Eaters, the Cyclops' Cave, Circe's Island and the beach upon which Ulysses was washed up naked at the feet of Nausicaa and many others. This book will appeal to the armchair traveller, the literary detective and all who love Homer's great poem. It gives the chronology of Ulysses' voyage, and is illustrated with photographs and maps.

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