The Eye of Horus


The Eye of Horus: Oracle of Ancient Egypt

Book Details

Author  David Lawson
Publisher  Piatkus Books
Publication Date   October 10, 1996
ISBN  0749916958
Pages  160


Based on the Ancient Eqyptian dictum "know yourself" which combines Eqyptian mythology and symbolism with practical guidance and inspiration, this pack presents an oracle for greater personal power, self-knowledge and healing. The pack contains a book and 25 stone tablets in a draw-string bag. Each of the stones is engraved with a hieoglyph and can be cast to answer questions on choices, healing, the future, spiritual lessons, creativity and relationships. The first part of the book introduces the legacy of Ancient Egypt and Osiris, the origin of the stones, their spiritual background, and how to use them. The second part describes the 25 stones, each of which is linked to an Eqyptian god or goddess or symbol, such as Osiris, Horus, Isis, Heket, Pyramids and Sphinx. The book explains their qualities and divinatory meanings. The third part describes the spreads that can be used for divination and personal development.

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