The Edinburgh History of the Greeks, ca. 500-1050...

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Author  Florin Curta
Publisher  Edinburgh University Press
Publication Date   January 30, 2011
ISBN  0748638091
Pages  376

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This volume traces the social, economic and political history of the Greeks between 500 and 1050. It adopts an interdisciplinary approach and uses archaeological evidence, as well as coins and seals, fiscal documents, medieval chronicles, and hagiographic literature to examine the development of Greek culture in the early medieval period. Several themes provide the foundation for this volume and run through the chapters; these include the Balkan context, the Social Role of the Army and the Onset of Economic Growth. Special attention is paid to the size of the economy in early medieval Greece. Both the social and the economic are privileged and analyzed together as integrally connected spheres of life, thus filling a major gap in existing literature on this period.

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