Roman Imperialism

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Author  Andrew Erskine
Publisher  Edinburgh University Press
Publication Date   May 28, 2010
ISBN  0748619631
Pages  232

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The transformation of Rome from a small central Italian city-state into the sole Mediterranean superpower has long proved fascinating and controversial. At its height the Roman Empire extended from Britain in the North to Libya in the South and from Spain in the West to Syria in the East. It has impressed not only by its extent but also by its longevity.
Andrew Erskine examines the course and nature of Roman expansion, focusing on explanations, ancient and modern, the impact of Roman rule on the subject and the effect of empire on the imperial power. All these topics have created a tremendous amount of discussion among scholars, not least because the study of Roman imperialism has always been informed by contemporary perceptions of international power relations.
The book is divided into two halves. Part I treats some of the main issues in modern debates about Roman imperialism, while Part II offers a selection of the most important source material allowing readers to enter these debates themselves

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