Lost Tomb of Viracocha (Book published January 25, 2001)


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Author  Maurice Cotterell
Publisher  Headline
Publication Date   January 25, 2001
ISBN  0747271313

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For centuries scholars have been baffled by Inca accounts that spoke of legendary white gods that walked the lands of South America performing miracles. Stranger still were the carvings left by the mysterious civilisations of Tiahuanaco, thought to be the most ancient site on earth. It was believed the codes could never be broken. But now, for the first time ever, Maurice Cotterell unlocks the secrets of the Inca and discovers the treasure-filled tombs of Viracocha Pachacamac and Viracocha. The story of the white gods was not a myth after all. These two great sun-kings, who side-stepped the annals of history, actually lived and walked the lands of Peru over 1,500 years ago.

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