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Author  Christine El Mahdy
Publisher  Headline Book Publishing
Publication Date   July 6, 2000
ISBN  0747260001
Pages  352


Three and a half thousand years ago in Egypt, a little boy of around seven years old was crowned Pharaoh. Nine years later he was dead. After a hasty and secretive burial, and a botched attempt at grave robbery, Tutankhamen lay in peace until 1922, when Howard Carter reopened the tomb. Suddenly the young King achieved a fame he had never attained in life. But the fabulous riches in his tomb have largely eclipsed the extraordinary details of his life and death, and the political infighting and bitter struggles for power which characterised the period. Now, for the first time, Christine El Mahdy can tell the full and gripping story knowing that her theory of Tutankhamen's natural death is completely supported by the results of the recent CT scan.

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