The Goddess and the Bull. Catalhoyuek


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Author  Michael Balter
Publisher  Left Coast Press
Publication Date   December 31, 2004
ISBN  0743243609
Pages  400

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Discovered in 1958 by James Mellaart, Catalhoyuek, located on the Konya Plain in Turkey, is an archaeological site of tremendous importance. Today, under the direction of Ian Hodder, excavations continues unabated. This multi-faceted biography tells the story of Catalhoyuek from a variety of angles. It tells the story of the discovery of the site, of those that directed excavations and the team of diggers and experts working there, as well as their relationships, rivalries and personal aims. However, the book also provides insights into the process of archaeology, discussing what the findings of the Neolithic `Dawn of Civilization'. This behind-the-scenes look at the site and the people drawn to it each season is both engaging and informative, much like the site itself. `A revealing narrative of people and ideas at the working face of archaeology' - Colin Renfrew.

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