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Author  Theodore Vrettos
Publisher  Free Press
Publication Date   November 27, 2001
ISBN  0743205693
Pages  272

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For the first time, a complete history of Alexandria, the greatest cultural capital ever. Archeologists and historians have revealed Alexandria to be a city built on the arts, sciences and religion, unique among ancient cities that usually could claim nothing more than military might. Now Theodore Vrettos delivers the first complete account of the city that was the fountainhead of peaceful, intelligent civilization. From its founding by Alexander the Great in 332 BC until the murder of the brilliant Hypatia in 452 AD, Alexandria was literally and figuratively a lighthouse guiding the most creative minds of the day. Scientists, philosophers, theologians and artists came from all over the Western world to study in Alexandria's university and immense library, which contained books and papyrus rolls from every corner of the civilized world, and made an extraordinary run of breakthroughs. Thales, Euclid and Apollonius invented mathematical proof. Aristarchus was the first person to put the sun at the centre of our solar system. Eratosthenes calculated the cirumference of the earth, and Herophilus invented anatomy. Clement founded the first school of Christian philosophy in Alexandria. Julius Caesar, Marc Anthony and Augustus Caesar came to Cleopatra's court there, sparking an intrigue that would affect the history of nations.

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