A World Full of Gods


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Author  Keith Hopkins
Publisher  Free Press
Publication Date   August 8, 2000
ISBN  0743200101
Pages  416

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In this provocative, irresistibly entertaining book, Keith Hopkins takes readers back in time to explore the roots of Christianity in ancient Rome. Combining exacting scholarship with dazzling invention, Hopkins challenges our perceptions about religion, the historical Jesus, and the way history is written. He puts us in touch with what he calls "empathetic wonder" -- imagining what Romans, pagans, Jews, and Christians thought, felt, experienced, and believed -- by employing a series of engaging literary devices. These include a TV drama about the Dead Sea Scrolls; the first-person testimony of a pair of time-travelers to Pompeii; a meditation on Jesus' apocryphal twin brother; and an unusual letter on God, demons, and angels.

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