Telling, Turning Moments in the Classical Political...

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Author  Jan H. Blits
Publisher  Lexington Books
Publication Date   December 28, 2010
ISBN  073916449X
Pages  192

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Turning, Telling Moments in the Classical Political World examines developments in the classical political world which are both turning and telling moments. All the moments―from Theseus's founding of Athens to Augustus's establishment of the Principate―possess the double character of being turning points and revealing fundamental aspects of the ancient political world.
While most books on ancient history are chiefly concerned with questions of literary sources and historical accuracy, this book deals with the significance of the facts and reports themselves. Blits treats the ancient histories as works of reflection rather than works of research. Instead of focusing on whether, or how, the ancient historians meet the professional standards of present-day historiography, Blits reveals the way they themselves understand-and intend us to understand-the ancient world.

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