Assyrians of New Britain

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Author  Maegan BetGivargis-McDaniel
Publisher  Arcadia Publishing
Publication Date   June 13, 2007
ISBN  0738550124
Pages  128

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The first Assyrians arrived in Connecticut during the beginning of the 20th century. Initially brought here through a mission organized by the South Church of New Britain, larger numbers of Assyrian families later migrated to the United States in an attempt to find security during World War I. Since their arrival, New Britain has seen its Assyrian community thrive and grow. Upon settling in New Britain, many Assyrians put endless effort into helping recent immigrants find shelter and jobs. They also created an Assyrian magazine and established learning centers to ensure that the traditions, language, and history of Assyrian culture were not lost. These efforts were secured by the establishment of St. Thomas Church of the East in 1957. The history of New Britain’s Assyrian community has been documented and collected for the past 100 years by local residents utilizing the New Britain Public Library, South Church, St. Marks Church, and St. Thomas Church.

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