Searching for the Original Bible


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Author  Randall Price
Publisher  Harvest House Publishers
Publication Date   October 1, 2007
ISBN  0736910549
Pages  293

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Noted researcher/archaeologist Randall Price tackles crucial, faith–challenging questions about the Bible’s claims to be divine communication. All dispute boils down to two fundamental issues: Were the original writings given by God, or were they cobbled together from traditions, myths, and human ethical notions? And if divine, have they been faithfully passed down to us?

Price brings his expert knowledge of the Bible texts to examine crucial topics:

  • what the key ancient manuscripts reveal
  • ideas about how mere humans composed the writings
  • evidence from the archaeological record
  • the gathering of inspired texts into one book
  • the transmission of those texts to us

All evidence available today, concludes the author, upholds even more strongly the age–long views of orthodox Christianity. Not only is the Bible we have a trustworthy record of divine revelation, but it remains living and authoritative for every time, every place, and every person.

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