Egypt in the Age of the Pyramids


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Author  Guillemette Andreu
Publisher  John Murray
Publication Date   September 11, 1997
ISBN  0719554195
Pages  183


Recreates the golden age of ancient Egypt. Here, for example, the pyramids and the sphinx are construction sites teeming with workers. Administrators bustle to fulfil their assignments from the Pharaoh's court. Scribes draft the necessary letters in hieroglyphics. The representation of ordinary life in Egypt in brought from a variety of sources. Andreu makes use of letters from family archives, full of household instruction from travellers or nostalgic greetings from grown children living away from their parents. Also are the scenes carved or painted on the walls of tombs. Short hieroglyphic inscriptions accompany these images, recording what might have been said by the men and women they picture.

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