Greek Pottery


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Author  Brian A. Sparkes
Publisher  Manchester Univ Pr
Publication Date   January 1, 1992
ISBN  0719029368
Pages  186

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This work deals with classical Greek pottery from a number of points of view - technique, period, place of production, function, shape, decoration and distribution. The book places an emphasis on the every-day uses of Greek pottery - as containers for water, wine, fish, honey and olives, for example - and does not treat it as art. The author explains the importance of clay as a fundamental natural resource in the lives of the ancient Greeks, stressing its versatility as a container in varying conditions of heat and cold. The book aims to offer a broad picture of Greek pottery that gives an idea of its variety and importance without dwelling too heavily upon the high-quality figured vases. The book is intended for the use of students of classical Greek civilization.

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