Windsor Ablaze!& Restoration. Ten Years...


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Author  S. Brown
Publisher  Lutterworth Press
Publication Date   December 11, 2007
ISBN  0718830822
Pages  64

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An exciting and informative account of the events surrounding the Windsor Castle fire of 1992. The book briefly explores the history of the Castle and discusses its role as the oldest royal residence in continuous use since its original construction by William the Conqueror in the 1070s. In Windsor Ablaze!, the events leading up to the fire and the blaze itself are described in vivid detail, as well as the immense salvage operation required to rescue the priceless treasures stored within the grand rooms of the Castle.

The fire led to the discovery of several architectural gems of great importance to British historians, including 17th-century frescos by the Italian artist Antonio Verrio, one of the oldest windows in Britain with its original glass still in place, and a 14th-century undercroft. The story of the รบ37 million restoration project is also recounted and the actions taken at this stage are explained, as well as the Royal Family's role during the process.

The fire of Windsor Castle created a political storm that has had a lasting effect on the British Monarchy. The book brings the story of the restoration forward to the present chronicling the continuing role of the Castle in affairs of state and the lives of the Royal Family.

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