Oviedo Cloth, the


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Author  Mark Guscin
Publisher  Lutterworth Press
Publication Date   June 1, 1998
ISBN  0718829859
Pages  128

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Thousands know the controversy surrounding the Turin Shroud, but few in the English-speaking world have heard of the Oviedo Cloth. It too is a possible relic of Jesus' burial, and the marks on the Shroud and on the Cloth (which is thought to have been wrapped around Jesus' head) are consistent with each other. Yet the Oviedo Cloth has been in its current home in he cathedral town of Oviedo, in northern Spain, since the eleventh century, so there is additional reason to doubt the carbon-dating of the Turin Shroud to the fourteenth century.

The author examines the claims for the authenticity of the Cloth, both scientific and historical. His treatment of the Turin Shroud is in relation to the Cloth and the new evidence which it provides. The closing chapter sets out the implications of these findings for the Church today, and answers some of the sensational claims made in the more excitable Shroud books of the last few years. The argument is always based on historical foundations, rather than religious ones, thus avoiding the danger of influence from prior convictions.

This book will interest all who want a reasoned introduction to a subject which has caused fierce disputes among scholars, and all who are concerned with the relationship of faith and fact will be enlightened by this study.

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