Introduction to British prehistory


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Author  J. V. S Megaw
Publisher  Barnes & Noble
Publication Date   March 18, 1992
ISBN  0718511220
Pages  560


Introduction to British Prehistory provides a basic introduction to the prehistory of the British Isles in its European setting; it has been the author's aim to present as accurate as possible a synthesis of present knowledge, for the use of students and the general reader. The book covers the period from the arrival of Homo Sapiens in the later Pleistocene to the occupation of Britain by the Romans. The text is closely integrated with numerous specially prepared drawings and maps, and photographs. There is a comprehensive bibliography to facilitate further reading.
; Contents: The Environmental Background to British Prehistory; Exploitation and Adaptation in Pre-agricultural Communities; The First Agricultural Communities (c. 3,500-2,500 BC); The Later Neolithic (c. 2,500-1,700 BC); The Early Bronze Age (c. 2,000-1,300 BC); The Later Bronze Age (c. 1,400-500 BC); The Iron Age (c. 600BC-AD 200); Abbreviations; Bibliography; Subject Index; Index of Places.

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